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  2 Ports CAN Bus to Ethernet Converter
  CAN Device Server
  - All-around hardware protection. CAN, serial port, Ethernet interface and power interface all have high-level protection to adapt harsh industrial environment.  
  - 10/100Mbps Ethernet interface supports Auto-MDI/MDIX.  
  - Supports CAN ID filtering function, various filtering functions make the module more secure to use.  
  - One port supports two sockets.  
  - CAN baud rate ranges from 10K~1Mbps; support BASIC and LOOPBACK work modes.  
  - Supports static IP function or DHCP function; support searching device in network by UDP broadcast.  
  - Supports restoring default settings by Reload button.  
  - RJ45 has Link/Data LED  
  - Ethernet interface has external isolation transformer and supports 1.5KV electromagnetic isolation.  
  - Supports upgrading firmware by network.  
  - Supports modifying Web Server TCP port number (Default is 80).  
  - Supports Keep-Alive function  
  - Supports CAN relay function  
  - Support switching between CAN and RS485.  
  dimensions of device