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  2 Ports CAN Bus to Ethernet Converter
  CAN Device Server
  CLR-CAN-E200 is a communication device which can realize data transmission between CAN and network side along with the TCP / IP protocol stack. CLR-CAN-E200 supports two CAN interfaces, one Ethernet interface and TCP/IP protocol stack. User can realize interconnection between CAN-bus network and Ethernet network to extend the CAN-bus network by CLR-CAN-E200. CLR-CAN-E200 also has one RS485 serial port which is independent to CAN and it can realize data transmission between serial device and Ethernet.

CLR-CAN-E200 has CAN relay, CAN to RS485 function, to achieve CAN, Ethernet and RS485 conversion between each other. In the dual-server enabled state, two-way Socket can achieve a control function, user-friendly operation. The mutual conversion between CAN and CAN is called "CAN relay", CLR-CAN-E200 can realize the communication between CAN1 port and CAN2 port.
  Area of usage

- Unmanned Weighing Data Acquisition
- Intelligent Traffic Monitoring
- Industrial Automation