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  4G LTE Cellular Industrial Modem
  RS232, RS485 Serial & Ethernet to 4G LTE & Internet
  Serial Data Transmit Unit (DTU)
  CLR-CNS-G281 is an Industrial 4G LTE Router and Modem with SIM Card Slot and WAN ethernet interface for field network and serial equipments.

It has RS232 & RS485 serial interface and wired RJ45 interface for local communication side, 4G LTE interface and Ethernet RJ45 port for WAN. So users can access to 4G network andInternet via RS232/RS485 and wired ethernet 10/100M interfaces.

CLR-CNS-G281 is based on industrial high-performance embedded structure. It plays an important role in data transmission fields such as energy monitoring, industrial automation, vending machines and industrial control. It supports data transparent transmission between RS232/485 and 4G network.
  Area of usage
Serial to cellular solution for energy monitoring, industrial automatic control, vending machines, charging piles, etc.
  Application Diagram  
  CLR-CNS-G281 application diagram