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  CLR-FXS-1640 & CLR-FXO-1640
  16 Channels Telephone POTS + 4 * Ethernet over Fiber Optical Multiplexer, FXO/FXS Set
  - 1 ~ 16-way voice access, support caller ID function and reverse polarity billing functions  
  - 2-4-way Ethernet interface, the rate of 10M / 100M, full / half duplex adaptive, Ethernet can be set to logical isolation  
  - Supports 16 channels FXO and FXS voice ports, FXO port is connected to PBX, FXS port is connected to the user's phone  
  - Transmission distance of up to 2 to 40km  
  - Multiple power mode options: AC220V, DC-48V / DC24V  
  - DC-48V / DC24V power supply with automatic polarity detection function, when installed without distinction between positive and negative.  
  - Support Telephone Number mutual function of each site