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  10/100Base-TX to 100Base-FX SFP Slot Media Converter
  The CLR-MCF-SFP is a copper to fiber optic Fastethernet Media Converter which converts 10/100Base-Tx to 100Base-Fx. Copper connection is provided with RJ45 port, and the fiber optic connection is provided with an SFP (100M) module. Using media converter is an economical solution to achieve long distance transmission. CLR-MCF-SFP can extend the transmission distance of a network from 100M over copper wires to 120KM over fiber optical lines. It could also be installed in 16 slots rack media converter chassis.
It is users choice to decide which type of SFP to use. It supports multimode and singlemode SFPs. When BiDi SFP module is preffered then single core fiber optical line can be used.