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  CLR-PDH-FMx Series
  4/8/16 * E1 + Eth to Fiber Optic Converter SM SC 20km
  CLR-PDH-FMx series E1+Eth Fiber Modem is a high-performance E1 fiber optic modem developed by using a dedicated integrated circuit. It is to modulate unframed E1 data and ethernet signals directly into single or multi-mode optic fiber for a transmission over fiber optic line. At the other end of the optic cable, optical signal is demodulated into unframed E1 data signal and ethernet. This is achieved in reaching a longer distance without a repeaters and superior performance compared to copper media. The outer design use the standard 19 inches rack.

The 2Mbps (E1 or PRI) interfaces can connect with the exchange, PBX, light loop device and multi-diplexer directly. The Ethernet interface can be operated in 10M/100M, half duplex or full duplex mode by either auto-negotiation or manual setting. It is stable and easy to do maintenance and installation, and small in size.

It is compliant to international standards, so that it can communicate with other manufacturers' products which adopt same standards.