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  1x RS232 or 1x RS485 to Wi-Fi / Ethernet
  Device Server
  Industrial Serial to WiFi & Wired Ethernet Converter
  Gateway - Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU conversion
  - Supports TCP Server / TCP Client / UDP Server / UDP Client / HTTP Client modes.  
  - Hardware watchdog, stable connection  
  - Modbus RTU to TCP gateway, Modbus Polling  
  - Serial to WIFI OR Serial to Ethernet OR WIFI to Ethernet  
  - Functional modes: Transparent Transmission Mode, HTTP Client Mode, AT Command Mode, Modbus TCP <=> Modbus RTU Gateway Mode  
  - Supports stable transparent transmission  
  - Works in STA/AP/AP+STA networking modes  
  - Supports RS232 and RS485 serial ports which can't be worked simultaneously  
  - RJ45 network interface supports 10/100Base-T full duplex speed  
  - Reload button can be pressed to restore default settings by hardware. (in working status, press the button 3-5s then it loads to default settings and automatically restarts)  
  - Working status can be monitored through LEDs. Power Ready Link RXD TXD  
  - Wi-Fi interface supports IEEE802.11b/g/n@2.4GHz wireless standards  
  - Supports ESD protection, prevents electrostatic damage  
  - Supports identity packet function  
  - Supports heartbeat packet function  
  - Supports Web Socket Distribution function  
  - Supports timeout reset function, timing reset function.  
  - Supports configuration through Web GUI, setup software, serial/network AT commands.  
  - Supports hardware reload.  
  Functional Block Diagram