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  10GBase-ER SFP+ Optical Transceiver Module
  Bi-Di Singlemode, 60Km
  1270nm & 1330nm
  CLR-TGS-B60A and CLR-TGS-B60B as a pair are 10Gigabit SFP+ transceivers which are designed to transmit and receive 10.7Gb/s optical data over 9/125 μm singlemode single core optical fiber to distances as far as 60Km.

The transceiver is hot pluggable 3.3V Small-Form-Factor module which is designed for high-speed communication applications that require rates up to 10.7Gb/s. It is compliant with SFF-8472 SFP+ MSA specifications.

The optical output can be disabled by a LVTTL logic high-level input of Tx Disable. Tx Fault is provided to indicate the degradation of the laser. Loss of signal(LOS) output is provided to indicate the loss of an input optical signal of receiver or the link status with partner.
  - 10GBASE-BX at 10.3125Gbps  
  - 10GBASE-BX at 9.953Gbpss          
  - 8XFC at 8.5Gbps          
  - 4XFC at 4.25Gpbs          
  - 2XFC at 2.125Gpbs          
  - 1xFC at 1.0625Gbps