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  4 x USB2.0 to Fiber Optical Extender
  USB2.0 to Fiber Hub
  USB Storage, printer and webcam extender over fiber
  CLR-USB-F24S is a USB 2.0 Hub which has five USB interfaces one of which is a USB fiber extender interface. Any USB device like printer, webcam, storage USB flash disk, etc can connect to a remote host's USB input over fiber optic cable. This means you can extend USB 2.0 webcams and storage devices up to 250m.  
  CLR-USB-F24S includes a transmitter for the client-side and a receiver for the host-side, which can extend the USB2.0 to a remote location over single core fiber cable.  
  Applicatio Areas  
  - Military command and control systems
- Traffic management system
- Energy supply industries
- Medical systems
- Commercial presentations
- Multimedia and public utilities
  Application Diagram          
  CLR-USB-F24S application drawing