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  4 x USB2.0 to Fiber Optical Extender
  USB2.0 to Fiber Hub
  USB Storage, printer and webcam extender over fiber
 Optical Connector  Simplex SC (optionally FC)
 Optical Wavelength  1310nm/1550nm
 Number of USB Interfaces on Receiver unit  1*USB port which connects to PC
 Number of USB Interfaces on Transmitter unit  4*USB ports which connects to webcam, printer or storage disks
 Dimension  104mm x 104mm x 28mm
 Case  Aluminum
 Color  Black
 Net weight  0.75Kg
 Power supply voltage  5VDC for both Transmitter and Receiver units
 Power consumption  <5W for TX, <5W for RX units
 Working temperature  0°C ~ 50°C