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  CLR-CAN-Fxx Series
  CAN bus to Fiber Optic Converter Series
  - Supports CAN2.0A and CAN2.0B protocols, conforms to the ISO/DIS 11898  
  - Integrates 1 UTD CAN interface and 1 optical interface  
  - CAN interface supports auto-detected baud rate and user-defined baud rate, the baud rate matches the range of 2.5k ~ 1Mbps  
  - Supports optical transmission of CAN network data  
  - Extends transmission distance to 15km  
  - CAN interface has electrical isolation protection with 2KVAC isolation voltage; Supports 8KV ESD protection (air discharge)  
  - Port Data Throughput is 1000fps  
  - Optional installation of external termination resistors  
  - Industrial design, IP40 protection  
  - Supports wall mounting installation  
  - Working Temperature is -40~85ºC  
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