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  CLR-CAN-Fxx Series
  CAN bus to Fiber Optic Converter Series
  CLR-CAN-Fxx series modems are CAN bus to fiber converters. They are especially designed to extend the short transmission distance of CAN bus, making the data traffic insensitive to electromagnetic interference and other issues.

CAN bus to fiber modem is able to provide a transparent data transmission of CAN bus over fiber cables. It works in pairs

CLR-CAN-Fxx serial converter integrates an optical interface and a 2KVAC electrically isolated CAN bus interface, is able to receive/store/transmit different rates between 2 CAN network data.

CAN bus interface of CLR-CAN-Fxx supports various communication baud rates recommended by standards. CLR-CAN-Fxx is capable of detecting and matching baud rate automatically and defining baud rate by user.

The baud rate ranges from 2.5Kbps to 1Mbps. It can connect external termination resistors at the same time. Its singlemode fiber interface can be used in high-interference environment which is more suitable for long-distance transmission. CLR-CAN-Fxx adopts EMC protection design, supports wall and panel mounting. It can be used at the harsh environment with temperatures as high as -40ºC ~ 85ºC.