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  OTDR - Singlemode & Multimode, 850/1310/1550nm, 20/30/28dB
  - Large touch screen + shortcut keys, easy to operate  
  - Large capacity polymer lithium battery, with superlong working hours  
  - Intelligent testing, simple use, powerful functions.  
  - Built-in Visible Fault Locater (VFL)  
  - Media of memory card +SD card, with superlarge capacity of traces.  
  - Able to meet FTTx testing needs.  
  - Several wavelengths can be choosen.  
  - Solid casing design, dustproof and shock proof  
  - OTDR TraceManager PC software  
  - Achieves bulk amendment and batch printing  
  - Generates different forms of test reports according to user needs.  
  - Waveform difference comparision function. Opens several waveforms in the same window for comparing  
  - Automatic measurement mode  
  - Multi-wavelength measurement mode.  
  - Trace fixing function.  
  - In FTTx testing, able to identify the splitter and fiber's end  
  - Bellcore file format (.sor)  
  - Storage of greater than 10,000 traces  
  - Communication light detection function to protect the test instruments and communication equipments.  
  - Connection State Detection  
  - Switching of measurement mode through shortcut key  
  LEDs & Ports  
1- Optical interface 1/VFL
2- Optical interface 2/OTDR
3- Charging indicator
4- SD Card interface
5- Power adapter interface
6- Earphone interface
7- USB interface
8- Ethernet interface