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  OTDR - Singlemode & Multimode, 850/1310/1550nm, 20/30/28dB

With a short 2m dead zone the CLR-OTDR-M/S is designed for FTTx application. It can test the length, fiber loss connector loss and other physical characteristics of fiber. it can locate events on fiber cables precisely. It is really the tool of choice for FTTx application installation and maintenance as well as for fiber R&D and producing testing. CLR-OTDR-M/S rugged design, lightweight and easy operation, as well as the low-reflection LCD and more than 10 hours battery life make it be perfect in filed testing. Meanwhile, Its two USB & SD interfaces help to store and transfer traces easily and conveniently.

  Area of usage
- FTTx
- Metropolitan Area Networks
- Backbone networks
- CCTV optical infrastructures
  Application Diagram